Communication Penzberg

Press Release

Penzberg Relocation Cancelled

In September 2020, Geiger Automotive GmbH decided to move to the Hoermann property in Penzberg with the objective of establishing a modern, smart production facility and logistic centre that would enhance our overall competitiveness and establish Geiger as a benchmark company.

The initial discussions held with the Hoermann Group and the Town of Penzberg showed a positive benefit for all parties based on the information and details that were provided. In order to fully validate the move, we had hired outside professionals to support in performing a detailed due diligence on the facility.

After completion and review of the report, Geiger has been required to make a difficult decision to end the negotiations and cancel the relocation to Penzberg based on the new findings and to ensure the safety of our employees and a positive future for the Geiger Group.

Ziemetshausen & Murnau Facilities

The initial plan to reduce Geiger’s two Bavarian locations to one remains unchanged, as we shall continue to move forward with the sale of the Ziemetshausen operation and assets, with a target of end of 2022.

Per the Penzberg decision, Geiger shall continue production at the Murnau facility and focus on further optimisation and streamlining of production processes and commit required resources to quickly implement factory improvements.