Quality & Environment

By responsibility we understand an increase in quality and sustainability

Quality and environmental management are supporting pillars of the company philosophy at Geiger Automotive. They shape all phases of cooperation with customers, employees and suppliers. Our management system is customer-, supplier-, employee- and process-oriented across all locations. This also applies to quality and environmental management controlling, where the principle of “best in class” has absolute priority for us.

So there are many good reasons why well-known automotive manufacturers have singled us out as an exemplary partner and list the Group as an A-supplier. In doing so, we try to harmonize our procedures and processes. It is true that the methods used may vary slightly from country to country. However, beyond mere conformity, we try to offer the same level of quality to our customers all over the world.

To achieve this goal, we have developed a truly collaborative way of working. The production and quality teams regularly share experiences and best practices. The focus is on our customers’ projects and their successful completion.

Geiger Automotive’s goal is to always be an attractive, reliable problem solver and long-term partner to its customers. In doing so, we rely on innovation, competence and highly qualified employees. In this way, we can always deliver the highest quality to the full satisfaction of our customers.

In addition, Geiger Automotive promotes impulses for continuous quality improvement – both in production and in development. This enables us to guarantee that all products and solutions meet the quality standards and comply with the applicable standards and directives. This is also attested by our certifications: