History of Geiger Automotive GmbH

  1. 1960

    Gründung der Firma Geiger Plastic GmbH in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

  2. 1981

    Erster Ausgleichsbehälter wurde gefertigt

  3. 1984

    Werk Murnau wird erworben

  4. 1986

    Erstes Luftklappensystem wurde gefertigt

  5. 1992

    Werk Tambach-Dietharz in Thüringen wird erworben

  6. 2008

    Werk Murnau wird zum Hauptsitz

  7. 2009

    HTP Investments übernimmt Geiger Automotive GmbH

  8. 2010

    • Werk Ziemetshausen nähe Augsburg wird erworben

    • Werk Geiger Automotive in Gastonia, North Carolina in den USA wird erworben

  9. 2012

    Erstes Teil für Elektroauto wurde gefertigt

  10. 2013

    Sanoh Industrial Co. Ltd. Übernimmt die Geiger Automotive GmbH

  11. 2014

    Werk Geiger Automotive Gastonia, North Carolina wird nach Suwanee, Georgia verlagert

  12. 2015

    Internationale Aufstellung durch Gründung der Werke Geiger Automotive in Shenyang in China und Querétaro in Mexiko

  13. 2020

    60-Jähriges Jubiläum


Geiger Automotive GmbH

Geiger Automotive was founded in 1960 and has been a part of the Sanoh Europe GmbH company since 2013. Over 900 employees work at our six sites, which have special competences in the research, development and production of plastic system solutions.

It is our ambition to be “best in class”. We use our knowledge and innovation capability to develop intelligent solutions for a mobile, sustainable future. Alongside this goal our company also places absolute priority on modern environmental management.

Company | Locations

Research & Development

When developing new products our focus is always on the specific wishes and needs of our customers. As a strong engineering partner we build close, trusting partnerships with our internationally active customers, working together to identify customised solutions.

In addition to this, we provide a comprehensive range of services to realise successful products, all based on our specific development expertise:

  • Pre-development
  • Concept development
  • Simulation of product functions
  • Design and manufacturing of prototypes
  • Execution of small and large batch product runs
  • Validation of components and systems
  • In-house tool maintenance and servicing

When developing products, the fundamental principles of sustainability play a central role. In line with this, we promote sustainable product solutions by optimising functions and costs; reducing weight and improving aerodynamics and materials.

Customer satisfaction is our primary motivation. Consistent innovation management in the field of research and development allows us to create the conditions required to continue to offer the best products based on ecologically and economically responsible guidelines in the future.

We continuously review and optimise our development and manufacturing processes. Visionary concepts, simulations, materials and process technologies help us to do this. Our outstanding reputation as an innovative company is based on our future-proof solutions for electromobility, hydrogen technology and conventional applications.

Factory in Ziemetshausen (GER)

Geiger- Automotive Werk Ziemetshausen
To the Geiger Automotive factory Ziemetshausen

Management | Members of the Executive Board

Geiger Maxime


“We respect and mutually support our colleagues, ensuring that every individual is actively integrated into our teamwork. Each individual’s performance proactively contributes to the company’s success.“

Sense of purpose

“We make prompt, consistent decisions and are prepared to take manageable risks.“


“Our learning organisation allows mistakes so long as potential for improvement is realised. Our arguments are based on objective facts and figures – speak with data!”


“Our actions make a long-term contribution to environmental sustainability, equality and health. We take responsibility for our actions and for cross-cutting issues.”


“We increase our motivation through autonomy, praise and developing our employees’ potential. This also includes celebrating successes.”

We are Geiger!