The excellent and close cooperation with our customers in the areas of research and development helps us to identify and advance future trends and technology drivers.

The further development of our technologies is at the forefront at GEIGER Automotive. We want to make an economic and ecological contribution to both our customers and to the environment. Leading this direction are the increasingly stringent legal frameworks for pollution emissions and emission control.

By continually improving our products, we enable our customers to build vehicles with lower fuel consumption and improved environmental impact. These include, for example, mobile air flap systems which can close whilst the vehicle is moving resulting in reduced air resistance. We have also optimized our fuel tank fillers so that toxic fumes cannot escape during refuelling. In addition we constantly strive to reduce the weight of our products and thereby improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Injection Moulding
  • 1 Component Injection Molding
  • 2 Component Injection Molding
  • Injection Methods GIT, WIT, PIT
  • Mucell
  • Materials PP, PPS, PA, POM, ASA, PC ABS
  • Injection Moulding using chemical foam
  • In-mould labeling
  • Overmoulding of metal and plastic
  • External Gas Pressure
  • High Gloss Components
Joining Technology
  • Infra-red Welding
  • Laser Welding
  • Hot Plate Welding
  • Gas Welding
  • Vibration Welding combined with Infra-red
  • Linear Vibration Welding
  • Rotating Vibration Welding
  • Electromagnetic Resistance Welding
  • Hot Riveting
  • Ultrasonic Welding
Blow Moulding
  • 1 Component Blow Moulding
  • 2 Component Blow Moulding
  • Multi Component Blow Moulding
  • Multi-layer Coextrusion Process
  • 3D Blow Moulding
  • Suction Blow Moulding
Assembly & Testing Processes
  • Leakage testing
  • High Voltage Testing
  • Postitional Measurements
  • Camera Testing – Electrical Testing
  • Tensile Strength Testing
  • Linked assambly Lines
  • Online Assembly Lines
  • Manufacture of metal Contact Pins


Clean Room Manufacturing
  • Constant low dust particle concentration
  • Restricted Access to sensitive manufacturing areas
  • Strictly defined material flow for increased process reliability
  • Manufacturing in a screened environment
  • Specialised “clean” welding processes
  • higher purity requirements



During the development of new products, we focus on the individual requirements of our customers. In a strong engineering partnership with our globally operating customers, we develop tailor-made solutions in a close and trusting collaboration.

To realise a successful customer product, we use a comprehensive range of services utilising our specific development expertise:

  •   Preliminary development
  •   Concept development
  •   Implementation of high and low volume production runs
  •   Validation of components and systems
  •   Own tool and machine construction
  •   On site Customer support

Sustainability plays an important role in the development of our products, for example, we are implementing optimized product solutions with improved function and handling, improved weight optimization, improved aerodynamics and reduced diffusion of toxic gases during production.

Customer satisfaction of is our constant driver. With rigorous innovation management in research and development, we create the prerequisites to continue to offer the best products on an ecologically and economically responsible basis.

We constantly analyse and optimize our development and production processes. We use visionary concepts, materials and process technologies. Our outstanding reputation as an innovative company strongly supports our development of future-oriented solutions such as electro mobility, hydrogen technology and conventional applications.