Quality & Environment

For us, responsibility means

more quality and sustainability.

Quality and environmental management are fundamental parts of the corporate philosophy at GEIGER Automotive – they drive all aspects of our cooperation with customers, suppliers and employees alike.

Our management systems of quality control and environmental management are focused on customers, suppliers, employees and processes at all of our global locations with the principle of “best in class” being the driving force.

There are many good reasons why notable automobile manufacturers have distinguished us as model partners and designated the Geiger Group as an A-supplier.

Even if our methods might vary slightly from country to country, we aim to standardize our procedures and processes so that our customers around the world are assured of the same high level of quality that goes beyond just meeting the required standards.

To achieve this goal, we have developed a truly collaborative working method: Our production and quality teams regularly share their experience and best practices.

Our Focus is always on the successful completion of our clients’ projects:

At Geiger Automotive GmbH, we strive to become an attractive, reliable problem solver and long-term partner to our customers.

By relying on our innovative, competent and highly qualified employees, we are able to consistently deliver the highest levels of quality to the fullest satisfaction of our customers.

In addition, Geiger Automotive encourages feedback to help us continuously improve our quality – both in production and in development.  This way, we can guarantee that all products and solutions fulfill the quality standards and meet the currently applicable norms and regulations. Our certifications are proof of this:






Environmental and Energy Management

Geiger Automotive GmbH places a high value on meeting its responsibilities to the environment. Protecting the environment and using resources in an optimal way plays an important role in all of our company’s activities, from development and procurement through to waste disposal.

We are committed to complying with all relevant environmental, energy and safety laws and regulations. We aim to continuously and systematically improve our environmental protection procedures and health and safety at work.

Our management system has been certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, which underlines our on-going commitment to environmental protection and reduced energy consumption. We aim to contribute to making an environment worth living in for future generations. This applies equally to all our locations, those in Germany as well as those in the USA, Mexico and China.

Our environmental and energy policy is based on the following principles:
Both management and employees give environmental protection and occupational health and safety priority in all our processes.

Environmental protection and safety at work is the responsibility of every employee. By providing information and training to our employees, we encourage environmental, energy and safety-conscious working methods.

We develop new, environmentally-friendly and future-oriented products.

We optimize the use of raw materials and consumables.

Our management monitors compliance with our environmental and energy policy as well as the functionality of our management system at regular intervals, management also defines goals for continuous improvement and approves resources for such improvements.

We streamline our shipping and transport costs and environmental impact.
We aim to employ targeted measures to protect natural resources, to avoid waste and to recycle.
We actively support the national environmental regulations at all of our sites

Working in cooperation with our customers, suppliers and authorities alike, we require our suppliers and business partners to commit to upholding our principles to the same extent.