Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal

Supply Chain Management

Successful and efficient management along the supply chain (“supply chain”, from raw material to final customer) is an essential part of our success.

Our mission is to maximize our performance through excellent business partners in order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers at all times. Quality, innovation and cost are the pillars of this philosophy.

For our national and international locations, we prefer to work with strategic partners for the following commodities:

Direct material (purchased parts and raw materials)

  • Thermoplastic plastics / granules and batch (PA, PP, PE, TPE)
  • metal parts
  • Filters
  • Seals (O-rings, profile and moulded sealings)
  • hoses
  • actuators & servomotors
  • Electronic components
  • Plastic parts (glands, 2K-parts, fabric, foam)

Indirect material (production equipment and services)

  • Injection moulding machines, blow moulding machines
  • Injection moulding and blow moulding tools
  • Production plants and equipment (welding, assembly, testing)
  • Technical requirements and spare parts
  • Test equipment
  • prototypes
  • industrial trucks
  • Services (personnel, development, other)

In today’s tougher national and international competition, quality and reliability are the decisive criteria for good and lasting cooperation.

Therefore, we set the following minimum requirements for our suppliers:

  • QM System: Certification according to IATF 16949 or DIN EN ISO 9001 in the respective valid versions
  • Environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001 desired
  • Energy management system acc. to DIN EN ISO 50001 desired
  • Approval of auditing (potential analysis or process audit according to VDA 6.3)

Some important documents are also available for download here:

Are you interested in working with us as a partner? We look forward to receiving your application as a supplier at GEIGER Automotive GmbH. Please use the following e-mail address to contact us:

After receipt of your application, the responsible purchaser will contact you promptly.