Management Guidelines

Leadership Guidelines – What every manager should achieve.

  • We act as role models and treat our colleagues, employees and customers with respect.
  • We take care of a trustful and direct communication.
  • We make decisions, make them transparent and shoulder responsibility.
  • We lead and challenge our employees to solve tasks independently and to act responsibly.
  • We support our employees in the structured, timely and successful handling of their tasks and our projects.
  • We are passionate about what we do and encourage cooperation.
  • We proactively approach topics and solve them sustainably.
  • We act in a corporate and customer-oriented manner.

Employee Guidelines – What is expected of everyone.

  • I act as a role model and bring respect to my superiors, colleagues and customers.
  • I take care of a trustful and direct communication.
  • I solve tasks independently, act responsibly and make decisions in my area of responsibility.
  • I work on my tasks in a structured, timely and autonomous manner.
  • I am passionate about what I do and foster cooperation.
  • I proactively approach topics, make them transparent and solve them sustainably.
  • I act in an corporate- and customer-oriented manner.